BamWare 29 Oz Bamboo Lunch Box---NOT AVAILABLE

BamWare Bamboo 29 oz Lunch Box Bottom  -- 



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Product Dimensions:

9" x 5.12" x 2.12"


* 100% composable and biodegradable
* 100% oil, water and heat resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius
* 100% fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and steamer safe
* 100% made from all natural fibers, with no chemical additives

Bamboo single use containers represent a new concept in pulp container materials and manufacturing. Bamboo products are 100 percent all natural, made with natural raw pulp fibers and/or agricultural by-products fibers, such as bamboo, reeds, sugarcane or such other fiber materials of similar nature, starch and water, with no chemical additives, so they are totally decomposable and bio-degradable.

Bamboo products are of light brown/creamy color, keeping the natural fibers mix original color.

While other food packaging products can take more than 200 years to decompose and have created massive landfills across the globe, Bamboo products decompose in soil within 180 days or will totally disperse in water within just two weeks. In addition, they can be safely discarded without any additional modification as animal fodder or fertilizer. No laminates or coatings are used, either, yet Bamboo products are oil, water and heat resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius and are fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and steamer safe.

Dimensions: 0in. × 0in. × 0in.
Weight: 0 lb.

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