American Clay Mud Glue Binder

Price: $50.00

American Clay - Natural Earth Plaster - Mud Glue Binder Package

Mud Glue

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MUD GLUE is a natural additive that can be used as both a binder and primer and eliminates the use of the acrylic-based primer in our plaster system.
Formulated with the intention of protecting the environment and saving time and money on jobs, Mud Glue is both a binder and primer for our basecoat plaster, Loma. It does away with the need to prime walls separately, whether on new or existing walls. Mud Glue also serves as a hardening additive for our plasters, increasing resistance to impact and wear.
One bag (20 oz.) of Mud Glue per 50-lb. bag of plaster.

Dimensions: 5in. × 5in. × 5in.
Weight: 5 lb.

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