EcoFusion Woven Poplar Flooring

Recycled Strandwoven Poplar products represent an evolution in hardwood flooring. Recycled scraps from furniture veneers are coated with a phenolic adhesive compound that is free from added urea-formaldehyde and other harmful VOC’s. These coated scraps are then cold pressed into long “railroad tie” shaped blocks, carefully kiln dried and then conditioned over several months to ensure maximum stability. The blocks are then precision milled into flooring planks and conditioned again to meet the various demands of North American climates. ADOBE CANYON features poplar scraps with a light mocha colored stain that resembles the layers of rich adobe redbrown walls in canyons throughout the southwest United States. Overall, this innovative and patented process creates an extremely unique and incredibly durable flooring product for a healthy lifestyle.

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