Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Surface -- Champagne Flint

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Champagne Flint

$130 - $180 per sqft - Includes Fabrication and Installation - Call for Quote


A toast to all who are making an everyday effort to preserve the planet we share. This mix is a sparkling reminder that while there is still much work to do, the simple act of recycling can make a big difference. We’ll toast to that!

Sizes available

3cm slab


Glass source story

Beginning over 300 years ago flint was used to produce an elegant glass that is the predecessor to English crystal. These days flint struts its stuff in rhinestones and continues to take on many humble forms as well, doing the excellent work of keeping food and drinks fresh in jars and bottles. We take what can't be used and transform it into sparkling flint glass Vetrazzo.

Dimensions: 1in. × 1in. × 1in.
Weight: 0 lb.

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