Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Surface - Charisma Blue

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Charisma Blue

$130 - $180 per sqft - Includes Fabrication and Installation - Call for Quote


We believe Vetrazzo’s beauty is charismatic and that it is an elegant solution to reducing waste. This mix transforms humble beverage bottles into a charismatic statement, one you’ll be proud to share.

Sizes available

3cm slab


Glass source story

The bottles and jars that held your condiments, culinary treats, and cool drinks, once put into the recycling bin, are sent be processed and put back into use. The glass in this mix is primarily from beer, wine, and soda bottles. It could have been waste, but instead it is in this sophisticated Vetrazzo mix: Charisma Blue.

Dimensions: 1in. × 1in. × 1in.
Weight: 0 lb.

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