Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Surface - Hollywood Sage

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Hollywood Sage

$130 - $180 per sqft - Includes Fabrication and Installation - Call for Quote


Glamorous and good. Two words that perfectly describe this Vetrazzo mix, as well as a certain celebrity couple who inspired it. Made of post-consumer recycled bottle glass in a tinted matrix, we think it has true star-power.

Sizes available

3cm slab


Glass source story

"Georgia Green" bottles are used for a popular soft drink, for several different brands of wine, and for various types of sparking water. This unique pale green glass is unmistakable when you see it on the shelf, and it gives this distinctive mix its lovely soft green color: Hollywood Sage.

Dimensions: 1in. × 1in. × 1in.
Weight: 0 lb.

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