Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Greening the Cleaning Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner

(Case of 12 Quarts: GTC-DIN-8 or Quart: GTC-DIN-8)


Greening The Cleaning Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a safe, powerful cleaner that cuts through scale, rust and stains without harsh acids, harmful fumes or vapors. Natural clinging action.

Squeeze about 1.5 oz. directly into the bowl, under the rim and on the sides. Let stand for about 2 minutes. Scrub with a bowl brush and flush.


For use in toilet bowls and urinals

Our Greening The Cleaning products are manufactured at the highest standards for the health and safety of humans and the environment. Our products deliver the maximum level of efficacy at the least level of toxicity. We disclose all ingredients to the greatest extent possible. We strive to use only naturally-derived ingredients in our products whenever possible however effective naturally-derived ingredients are not available for every type of cleaning product at this time. For this reason, we have established three categories for our products: DIN, DIC and Sanitizer and Disinfectants.

Our product standards are aligned with Green Seal and EcoLogo certification guidelines for specific product categories. Third party certified products are tested according to one of the following criteria: the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), or Green Seal / EcoLogo standards by product category.

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