iScoop EcoTaster (RBIO-iScoop-500)

Eco i-Scoop By Eco Tensil

Each iScoop Is:

1.4 "x 3"

Made of : FSC Paperboard


Use for more than ice cream 

Many of our cheese customers love to use Eco-iScoops for carving samples of hard cheeses. Try it for fudge or other harder foods.

Easy Pass — Pinch 2 dots to scoop and hold 1 dot to serve

Bend along scores to touch dots. Pinch both dots together to scoop. Hold 1 dot and serve. This allows an easy pass, and ensures that the customer will use the Eco-iScoop in a pleasing open position.

Use the handy bamboo dispenser

We recommend taking 10 or so and giving them a starter bend all at once and using our handsome bamboo dispenser. Eco-iScoops are sanitary to dispense if you place in the dispenser round end down — that way you never touch the eating end.


Reduce “one-taste plastic waste!” Recyclable and compostable at facilities where milk cartons are accepted.

Space Efficiency

ecotaster sample spoons space efficiency Uses 65% to 90% less storage space on trucks, shelves and demo tables


The “Green Dot” EcoTaster


  • Uses much less material than any other taster
  • Recyclable and compostable
  • U.S. made + ultra compact = low carbon footprint in shipping
  • Renewable, FSC certified paperboard

Cost Savings – EcoTasters:


  • Offer the best price of any compostable*
  • Have an almost full-sized “bowl,” so they replace costly full-sized utensils for demos
  • Reduce the need for costly sample cups by “plating” foods directly on Taster (see photo to left)
  • Save on internal shipping
  • Are an inexpensive way to let your customers know you care about the environment


What can you eat with an EcoTaster?

Just about anything, and much more than you can eat with a tiny plastic taster, such as chunky deli salad or soup! When folded, these sturdy tasters are strong enough to cut through even cheesecake or fudge.

Tips For Best Use:

  • It is important to fold the EcoTasters for best strength
  • We recommend taking a dozen or so EcoTasters and pre-folding all at once,
    and then insert into dispenser.
    This makes loading fast for servers, easier for self-service.
  • For sanitary serving, place round-end down in dispenser
  • See tips illustrated in photos and video on the left
* EcoTaster is the most sustainable and least expensive compostable spoon/fork we have seen, although it is impossible to know if there are other new concepts emerging or information not widely distributed.